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The Original Apsley is a luxury handbag, identified by its signature interchangeable sections built to suit every style for the modern, busy woman. The signature flip design is the inspiration from founder and designer Lucy Layton, who for many years, travelled across the globe working across the fashion and media industries, needing such a solution.

Like any frequent and well heeled traveller, she often struggled when it came to streamlining her packing and which bag to take to match an extensive wardrobe, which was vital when working on a shoot or on location.

From losing suitcases to exceeding luggage allowance, these experiences led Lucy to look for alternative options to ensure she was always prepared for any occasion, whilst keeping on trend and looking stylish.

On one such trip, walking around the beautiful markets of Bahrain and seeing the vast array of handmade, and local designs, she was inspired to create her own unique accessory and thus the Apsley bag was born.

The Apsley bag changes its skin like a chameleon, changing its colours just as often as you change your clothes. Its compact style and easy wearable design enables the owner to go from airport, to city centre, to night out with just one bag, effortlessly.

No longer do you need to feel encumbered with multiple bags and options for all your outfit changes, emptying the contents of one into another risking leaving your wallet or favourite lipstick at home. Its interchangeable design allows for simple transition from day to night, from casual to smart; all in one elegant and versatile bag. 


The Apsley bag is now available to order.


Thank you for visiting our online shop and we hope you enjoy your Apsley bag for many years to come. 

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